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UPVC Windows & Doors Spraying

It’s a little known fact that uPVC deteriorates with the ultraviolet light from the sun, with a shelf life of approximately 20 years. After this, it starts to go brittle and discolour, traditionally this would mean having the expensive job of replacing with new, but not anymore!
Our spray technicians can completely transform the look and feel of your home by spray painting your existing uPVC with a specialist paint, making them look like new again and extending the life expectancy.
We spray windows, doors, garage door panels, soffits, fascias, guttering/downpipes and wall meter boxes. Recent surveys show that when selling your home, prospective buyers make a decision in under 2 minutes from arriving at your property. Stand out from the rest and re-spray your tired looking windows and doors and get instant curb appeal.
From experience we can tell you that neighbours are envious as once we have completed your property will look as if it’s had new windows and doors.
You will find our painters proffesional and helpful. We take care of our customers and we are proud of our work. Get in touch today so we can discuss your requirements and give you the best advice.
UPVC Front Door Spray


We spray windows, doors, conservatories, garage doors, fascias and soffits using specialised all-weather equipment so we can carry out the work no matter the weather.

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Why Spray?


Our services are carried out onsite, so there is no building work and there is no mess, meaning disruption is kept to an absolute minimum! Our teams are as meticulous with their masking as they are with the application.  We also use the latest technology to get the job done, saving you time and money.


The paint we use forms a molecular cross bond with the plastic surface which, when applied correctly is guaranteed to adhere to the plastic for a minimum of 10 years. It’s extremely durable, wont crack or peel and extremely colour stable, even in a location where the sun shines from dusk until dawn.


Painting your uPVC is a highly cost effective way of extending the life of your Upvc frames  You’ll pay a fraction of the cost of replacing with new, sometimes as much as 85% cheaper, a staggering cost saving.


We can match colours with existing parts of your property. The specialist paint we use can be mixed to any British standard colour or RAL number and is available in either Matt, Satin or Gloss. This means that you have a high level of flexibility with regards to the look of your uPVC, choosing a re-colour can really improve the look of your property.


When we re-colour your uPVC it is touch dry in literally minutes and cures within 24 hours.

What Our Customers Say

Highly Recommended!

Lee got in touch and gave a fair price for the work we wanted doing and arranged the date to sort the work out. Everything was completed within 3 days. We are really happy with the work done and would like to hire Lee again in the future. Highly recommended from us!


Great Service and Great Price!

Can’t thank Martin nad Lee at Flex enough! We had our house on the market for over 12 months. They came and completely transformed exterior of the house. Now it looks so good we don’t want to sell anymore. Great service at such a reasonable price.

Mark and Lynn Hamer

Would Recommend Them to Family & Friends!

Lee and Martin did our whole house from brown to grey. After having quotes for new windows topping over 10k, we decided to have them sprayed. All completed in 2 days at a fraction of the cost. They even replaced all sealant for matching grey at no extra cost. We called them regarding touch ups and they were here the same day. Great lads and would recommended them to family and friends.

Elaine - Swinton

Very Polite Guys, Extremely Clean & Tidy!

Hired Flex to make my windiws at the front of my house match my new grey front door. Very polite guys, extremely clean and tidy. Amazed that the cost for 3 windows was less then a half of the new door.

Justine M

How Does UPVC Spraying Work?

If you’re wondering, “How does a professional UPVC Spray work?”, read on. A professional UPVC spray painter will be able to get the job done in no time. UPVC paint is a relatively new technique for home and business enhancement. It uses special paint that is sprayed over the UPVC assets. Because it’s spray paint, a professional UPVC painter needs to have experience in using this technique. 

Step 1 Access And Clean 

For a spray painter to do a perfect job, they will first prep the surface to be sprayed. The surface must be clean and dry. If it has loose silicone or other chemicals, this will need to be removed. Typically they will also need to clean the surface with solvents so that it is smooth, fortunately, our specially designed solvent-based paints cut out the need for this and ensure the paint will adhere properly and leave a fine finish once it is dried.
Step 2 Masking And Overspray prevention
UPVC spraying eliminates the need to remove windows and other fixed items from their fittings to be painted. It is essential before spraying for our team to mask the surrounding area using masking tapes and polythene sheeting. This is to ensure no paint is over-sprayed onto any brickwork or other surfaces. 
Step 3 Spraying 
Once the masking step is complete, our team are ready to spray your interior or exterior items. Our specialist sprayers will spray your items with 3 coatings of your desired colour. Each coating takes 30-45 mins to complete as each will have to dry before applying a further coat. Once all 3 coatings are completed, your desired spray work will be touch dry within an hour. In most cases, your desired spray can be completed within one day’s work. Dominantly depending on the size and amount of assets you desire to have sprayed. A majority of our work can be completed on-site. 
Step 4 Post Spray Assessment 
Once completed, our team will access their work to ensure no touch-ups are needed and get your approval before removing any masking tape or sheets are removed. Once we have your approval, our team will prepare to go to our next job by removing masking tape and sheets. our customers are left with any necessary information that could help prolong the quality of their newly sprayed items such as cleaning and weathering advice. 
UPVC spray painting is a great opportunity to give your house or business a new look. Unlike painting, this method is cost-effective and guarantees ten years of protection against UV rays. You’ll be pleased with the final result, as it will last as long as the UPVC. Flex offers a 10-year guarantee on all our exterior spraying services and an 8-year guarantee for all our interior spraying such as kitchen spraying. Our guarantee is a key highlight of how and why spray painting is a great cost-effective investment. 
No matter the asset you desire to have sprayed, the flex team can make your home enhancement a reality with minimal cost and downtime. Enquire today via our contact forms to learn more about the spraying process and how it can long-term modernise your home! 

What Items Can We Spray ?

The Flex team offers to apply spray paint on several different exterior and interior assets for homes and businesses. No matter the condition, size or amount of assets you desire to have sprayed. Our specialist team can ensure our spraying services rejuvenate and modernise your assets at minimal cost and downtime. 
Interior Sprayable Assets 
Furniture spraying – a key part of enhancing and modernising your home’s interior to keep your furniture up to date and in prestige condition. Furniture spraying allows the homeowner to enhance and spark new life into their ageing condition with minimal downtime and without the need for time-consuming DIY Alternatives. With the endless colour and finish options our service offers, furniture spraying can be an incredibly easy way to modernise your furniture. 
Built In Wardrobe Spraying– wardrobes are essential for every household. If your built-in wardrobes are starting to show their age then you may consider having them replaced which can become an unfortunate hassle financially. For a small fraction of the cost to replace, you can have your built-in wardrobes sprayed to any colour or finish you desire. The spraying eliminates the need for costly removal and replacement and can replicate or enhance the house style you have created. 
Interior Spray Decorating– the key benefit of interior spraying is the minimal downtime, a wall can be spray painted in less than 10 minutes and eliminate the need for DIY alternatives. Why waste your free time brushing or roller painting your interior when you can have it sprayed? Interior sprayings ensure a prestigious finish and will create the home style you desire and deserve in what can feel like a blink of an eye. 
Kitchen spraying– The quality and condition of your kitchen is an important part of your home and your lifestyle. Sparking new life into your kitchen by having your cabinets and surfaces sprayed can make an instant difference with incredible results. Modernising your kitchen can be an incredibly stressful process, having your old kitchen removed and a new one fitted will be dramatically expensive. Kitchen spraying changes this, offering the homeowner to rejuvenate their kitchen at minimal cost and downtime. 
Exterior Sprayable Assets 
UPVC Spraying – looking to transform the exterior of your home? look no further, UPVC spraying ensures your property’s curb appeal will be enhanced and modernised at a minimal cost. No matter the UPVC asset you desire to have sprayed, our team will be able to restore it to a fresh factory condition. All of our UPVC sprayings can be completed on-site, meaning you can eliminate the costs to have the items removed and refitted.
Window spraying – Our window spraying services ensure your windows will be rejuvenated for a fraction of the cost to replace them. No matter the material your windows are made of, our specially designed solved-based paints will efficiently dry and offer a smooth professional finish. Having your windows removed and replaced is expensive, time-consuming and considerably more hassle than having your windows sprayed. Opt for Window spraying and have the appeal of your home enhance your home’s curb appeal at minimal cost! 
Garage door spraying– deciding to add a fresh coat to your garage can immediately transform the look of your property, boosting your home’s curb appeal. An exterior asset such as a garage door can take a beating over the years without you realising it, elements such as weathering can have a dramatic effect on your garage door and cause the door to become an eye sore easily over time. Garage door spraying can be completed in less than a day and can offer a creative opportunity to switch up your home’s colour palette and design at a minimal cost. 
Front Door spraying– You may not realise it but your front door’s condition and colour can have a strong effect on your home’s curb appeal and overall house style. Door spraying allows the homeowner to enhance their property’s exterior at minimal cost and eliminates the need to replace their current door. Consider the money and time you can save by eliminating the need to replace and instead spray for a fraction of the cost to replace. 
Commercial spraying– Having a tired and old-looking business can have an unprecedented effect on your ability to attract new customers and bring attention to your business. Commercial spraying allows the business owner to rejuvenate their business’s brand at minimal cost and create a business style that is just modern but also attractive to customers. 
Conservatory spraying– Is your conservatory looking tired? simply bring your conservatory back to life with our spraying services. Investing in a new conservatory will not only cost thousands but will involve a lot of disruption. Enhancing the quality and condition of your conservatory has never been easier, with the minimal downtime spraying has to offer. Your conservatory can be rejuvenated in less than a day, meaning it will be fresh and ready to use for all types of spring and summer activities. 
Cladding Spraying – rejuvenating your business and creating a welcoming atmosphere has never been easier with spray paint. Cladding spraying offers the business owner the opportunity to spark life into the exterior of their business by offering the opportunity to further expand their company’s branding to the exterior of their property. No matter the age or condition of your cladding, spraying them with colour connecting to your business can help enhance and highlight professionalism to potential customers. 
Aluminium Spraying – Having your Aluminium assets sprayed can be a great alternative to having them replaced, especially if they are exterior aluminium assets. The cost of having your aluminium assets replaced is an unrealistic expectation for most people, aluminium spraying offers you the opportunity to enhance them at minimal cost and will not only modernise them but will also prolong the life and quality of their condition. 
Facias And Soffit Spraying – having spray paint applied to your facias and soffits is an easy and essential way to keep your property looking modern. Spraying your facia’s colour to match your sprayed windows is a great way to create the house style you desire, creating an attractive flow of colour and consistency through the exterior of your property. All of our facias and soffit spraying can be completed in less than a day’s work and will be cleaned and accessed before applying spray paint. 
No matter the asset you desire to have sprayed, our spraying services will be provided with a 10-year guarantee for exterior assets and an 8-year guarantee for interior assets. We have great confidence in our ability to help you create the rejuvenated house style and modernisation you desire. 
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Free Quote To Have Your Windows Sprayed Instead Of Replaced 

Do You Need New Windows?
If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your home and want to save money, consider UPVC spraying. This process can give your home a brand-new look, and can even increase your property value. As a result, it’s a great way to sell your home faster. This material is also highly resistant to the effects of weather and is weatherproof. It’s a permanent solution that will never require any repairs or maintenance. Why go down the long-term route of having your windows removed and replaced when you can save time and most importantly money by having your windows sprayed? Here at Flex, we pride ourselves on offering homeowners the opportunity to enhance their home’s curb appeal and overall homestyle at a minimal cost, creating the desired home style you deserve has never been easier with our services. 
What Is The Average Cost To Replace Windows?
If your current sprayable assets are perfectly functional then theirs no reason not to opt for spray painting. Transforming your property’s appearance can be overwhelming and time-consuming. A simple beneficial way to do so is spray painting. Many of us may opt to have assets replaced, this can quickly become very costly. Investing in new windows is a pricey financial hassle. We have helped our past customers save thousands of pounds by helping them rejuvenate their homes at a minimal cost.
On average, the cost to replace 4 windows is around £2,000-3,000 depending on the material and size of the windows you desire to have replaced. There is also the cost of having your old windows removed and disposed of as well as the cost to have your new windows fitted. This is an unrealistic dream for most, if your current windows are fully functional there is no reason not to opt for window spraying, the minimal cost and downtime of window spraying eliminates the need for you to spend so much money just to create the house style you deserve. 
Choose your colour and finish with window spraying 
Window spraying offers the customer the opportunity to choose from an unlimited source of colours and finishes.  Some homeowners want to add personality to their homes, while landlords want to give rental properties a new look. In addition, nicer-looking windows will help keep tenants happier and help you save money. And unlike replacing windows, spraying windows is a much less expensive alternative. Window manufacturers will happily charge customers extra for the colour you desire, especially if that colour is trending or considered valuable to a home’s curb appeal. With our service, you have the opportunity to choose from any colour you wish at no extra cost. You can well and truly enhance your home’s curb appeal and overall house style with window spraying. 
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are more than happy to help you pick and choose the colour you wish to enhance your home with. Our services offer the British Standard range, this range offers over 300 popular colours for kitchen spray painting. We also offer the RAL colour chart that has more than 1500 colours. All of our colours are available in a glossy, satin, or matte finish. We love to recommend or create any colour our customer desires. 
Overall, the cost to have your windows replaced is an unnecessary financial demand you may not want to commit to. There is no need to stress or consider it a priority when window spraying can be completed in less than a day and cost a fraction of the price to replace. Consider the opportunities you can create by saving your hard-earned money and efficiently spending it by having your windows replaced. With the added benefit of unlimited colour choices, theirs no reason not to opt for a spray job to enhance your property and its curb appeal. Our specially designed solvent based paints ensure an even finish no matter the material or age of your windows. 
To learn more about our window spraying services enquire today and we will arrange for a member of our team to visit your property and offer a free quote. 

Commercial UPVC Spraying 

Spray painting is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of a commercial building. Compared to other methods, it can increase the value of a property. UPVC spray paint is weatherproof and can withstand various types of climates. A key benefit to spraying painting is that it’s a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to replacing the material. Hence, many property owners prefer it to enhance their commercial buildings than other options for their commercial properties.
UPVC Spraying Shopfront 
When a new owner wants to give his or her storefront a fresh look, there are several reasons to consider having it spray painted. If you’re considering painting your storefront, you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s easier and cheaper than ever. The benefits of spray painting your storefront include increased curb appeal and the ability to attract more business.
UPVC is a durable material, but it is susceptible to deterioration over time. Having your storefront UPVC spray painted will give it a new look while also extending its lifespan. It will also increase the property’s value and improve the look of your shop front. If you’re selling your property, this is an excellent option as it will improve the look of the building and attract more potential buyers.
Spray painting allows the business owner to create the curb appeal and attraction from potential customers they desire. With endless colour options, spray painting allows the business owner to create the house style they want their business to possess. Adding a splash of your company’s logo or a welcoming colour to your storefront can make all the difference when attracting potential customers. 
Cost-effective spray painting of cladding can transform the look of a building. It is much more cost-effective than the replacement of existing cladding and is less disruptive. Painting can be done whilst the building is still in use. Spray technology can give a building a completely new look in a matter of hours. It can be applied in a wide range of colours and finishes, including BS and RAL.
When choosing paint for cladding, consider what type of finish you require and the lifespan you need. All of our cladding sprayings are provided with a 10-year guarantee, ensuring your business or commercial building will look enhanced and modernised for at least a decade. 
Warehouse Spraying
Whether your warehouse is older or brands new, you can reap many benefits from having it spray painted. There are several advantages to this process, including protecting the exterior paint from fading, having a durable finish, and a lower cost. 
Warehouses need to keep their exteriors clean and fresh. Strong temperatures, sunlight, and moisture can negatively affect the condition of the warehouse’s exterior. Spray painting will prevent water and mould damage, and protect the building. In addition, spray paint will improve the aesthetic appeal of the warehouse. Employees will be more motivated to work in a clean environment. For this reason, it is vital to maintain the warehouse’s exterior paint and invest in a cost-effective spray paint job. 
Office Block 
The exterior of your office block is crucial to the first impression it gives customers and investors. It speaks volumes about your company and what it can offer without actually saying a word. A great spray paint job can help you make a great first impression. The paint job can make your office stand out from other office blocks and attract new customers. It will also make your building look cleaner and newer than ever before. It will give you the professional look that your business deserves.
We Spray UPVC Aluminium Wood And Composite
Here at Flex, we have years of experience of knowledge in the spray painting industry. Over those years we have taken our experience and worked with experts in the paint industry to create the perfect paint for spray painting. Solvent-based spray paint is the key to our work, it allows us to create a perfect even finish with long-term durability to a whole range of different materials. No matter the size or amount of assets you desire to have sprayed, our team can perfectly spray all types of UPVC, Aluminium, wood and composite asset with ease.  
Once sprayed your exterior assets will be guaranteed with a 10-year guarantee, and any interior sprayed assets will be guaranteed for 8 years. To learn more about our services, enquire today via the contact us page.
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UPVC Spraying Has Seen A Massive Demand In Recent Years 

UPVC spraying has seen incredible demand in recent years, the efficient and affordable spraying services for homes and businesses can create the long-term modernisation and house style you desire at a minimal cost. Here at flex, our specialist team have sprayed hundreds of properties over the years. With such experience and knowledge of the industry, we can assure you that spraying will create your desired home modernisation at a minimal cost. 
Affordable Modernisation 
Upvc spraying no matter the asset you desire to have sprayed is a fraction of the cost to replace. Windows for example can be incredibly expensive to replace, consider the cost for newly fitted windows and disposal of your old ones. with the added downtime by having your new windows fitted, the overall idea of having your windows can become financial stress with maximum downtime. If your current windows are fully functional then there is no reason not to opt for UPVC spraying. Once you have chosen your desired colour and finish, our specialist team can create amazing long-term results in less than one working day (depending on the size and amount of windows) 
Kitchens are always a great example of why spraying is a great option to modernise your home at a minimal cost. Having your whole kitchen replaced may sound amazing and allow your creative side to express itself, but consider the downtime, financial stress and overall hassle of having a new kitchen fitted. You may be happy with your current kitchen layout but over time it may be showing its age. This is where Kitchen spraying comes in to offer a great alternative. Kitchen spraying offers the homeowner the opportunity to modernise their kitchens at a minimal cost. Why spend thousands on having a new kitchen fitted when kitchen spraying can rejuvenate your kitchen at a fraction of the cost to replace it? 
No matter the asset you desire to spray, we promise the cost to have it sprayed is a small percentage of the cost to replace. Consider the home investments you can make by saving yourself thousands by opting for spraying over replacing. The flex team prides itself on helping customers save thousands of pounds and offering the home or business modernisation they deserve at a minimal cost. 
Modern Colour Choice & Finish
Upvc spraying offers unlimited colour and finishes options no matter the asset you desire to have sprayed. Our specially designed solvent-based paints can be applied to assets made out of UPVC, aluminium, wood and composite with ease. Before we spray your assets, our team cleans and accesses them to ensure our formulated spray paint covers the whole assets with a perfect coating. Once sprayed, your assets will be touched dry within an hour of our work is completed. 
Another great benefit of UPVC spraying is that it requires minimal maintenance. This is because our specially formulated solvent-based paint protects the material from fading, peeling, or damage.
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are more than happy to help you pick and choose the colour you wish to enhance your home or business. Our services offer the British Standard range, this range offers over 300 popular colours for kitchen spray painting. We also offer the RAL colour chart that has more than 1500 colours. All of our colours are available in a glossy, satin, or matte finish. No matter the colour of finish you desire, we can assure you it will be a fraction of the cost to spray than replace in your desired colour. Manufacturers will happily charge extra for trending shades and finishes, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the colour modernisation they want at a fraction of the cost to fit and replace. 
Property Value 
UPVC spraying not only offers you the chance to modernise your home at minimal cost but also increases your property’s value! Our past customers have seen great success in selling their properties by enhancing their property’s visual appearance and curb appeal through UPVC spraying. Upvc spraying is a great alternative to replacing ageing features of your home before selling, with the added durability and modern colour choices spraying has to offer. 
Painting your windows and doors is a great way to improve the look of your property, and can increase the value of your property if you’re trying to sell it. Many UPVC products can be sprayed in any colour, which means that you can choose a colour that is both attractive and appealing to buyers. By painting the windows and doors a complementary colour, you can also make your property stand out from the crowd, which will increase the sale price of your property.
Ageing features of your home can have a dramatic effect on your potential to sell your property and attract potential customers. Homeowners who have their homes UPVC sprayed sell their house for up to 5% more on average than owners who decide not to. UPVC spray painting is by far the most effective way to change the appearance of your house’s exterior and bring life to your kitchen interior before placing your property on the market. 
Create Your House Style 
Overall, UPVC is the pinnacle option for creating the modern household and curb appeal you desire. With the added bonus of minimal downtime, theirs no reason not to opt for spraying. Our services are specially designed to cut out the middle man and allow our customers to redesign and modernise their homes or business at a minimal cost. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about our services.

Kitchen Respraying Is A Hot Trend For 2022

Kitchen spraying is a hot trend for this year, many homeowners out there are trying to spark life and creation into their kitchen and overall design. Kitchen spraying is specially designed to offer this at minimal cost, our services can push your kitchen into the 21st century with an unlimited collection of colour and finish options.
If you’re inexperienced at painting kitchen cabinets, hiring a professional spray painter can help you make the task easier and less expensive. You’ll enjoy a flawless finish that won’t show brush strokes. The paint sprayer can also be used on cabinet trim, sides, and frames. The process takes less time than painting by hand, and the result is a smooth, uniform surface.
Cabinet Spraying 
Cabinet spraying can be achieved with incredible long-term results, having your cabinets sprayed can be a great way to establish the modern revival your kitchen deserves. Ageing cabinets can have a dramatic effect on the look of your kitchen, rejuvenating them at a minimum cost through kitchen spraying can be a great alternative. With the endless colour options available, enhancing your kitchen’s appearance through modern shades or modern lighting can be achieved easily. 
Aside from giving your kitchen a facelift, spray painting cabinets also provides a professional finish. While painting cabinets by hand is possible, it will take some practice before you get the hang of it. If your cabinets have raised panels or lots of areas, spray painting is a better option. 
Kitchen Countertop & Surface Spraying  
Having your kitchen countertops and surfaces sprayed is a simple but highly effective way to create the modern kitchen you deserve. Our specially designed solvent-based paint allows us to create a prestigious, durable finish for any kitchen surface. No matter the material, once sprayed your surfaces will be in pristine condition and will greatly enhance the condtion and modernisation you desire to make in your kitchen. 
Long Term Durability
If your current kitchen assets are in working condition then theirs no reason not to opt for kitchen spray painting. The specialist paints our team apply can create a prestigious, long term and durable finish. This means that the risk of any peeling or cracking is minimised. Choosing to have your Kitchen sprayed via our service will ensure an 8-year lifespan. All of our interior work comes with an 8-year guarantee. A guarantee, we have grown confident in offering through years of experience.
Adding Value To Your Kitchen 
A recent survey showed that 47% of buyers undertake a kitchen improvement project within 1-3 months of purchasing a new home. Modernising your kitchens through our services can increase the value of your home by as much as 5% to 10%. This will not only increase the attraction of your for-sale home but will also make a significant financial difference to the revival your home may need before placing it on the market. 
Research shows that the average cost of replacing a kitchen in the UK can cost between £6000-£8000. Our kitchen spraying services can ease the stress of considering this option and offer your property an increase in value for less than 20% of the cost to have your whole kitchen replaced.
Why Replace When You Can Spray 
A key benefit to having your kitchen spray painted is that you won’t have to remove the entire kitchen. This can be a messy job. A respray will also save you money on hiring a company to reinstall the entire kitchen. This can save you thousands of pounds, as you won’t need to pay for new cabinets or countertops.
Kitchen spraying can save you a lot of time. In contrast, replacing a kitchen can take weeks to complete. The installer needs time to prepare the new space, choose the new units and dispose of the old units. Alternatively, a kitchen spraying company can finish the job in a matter of days.
Depending on the condition of your cabinets and surfaces, spray paint can help you save money and time by repairing peeling paint or matching old cabinets. Alternatively, if you are extending your kitchen or planning a new layout, spray paint can be a great way to make sure the current features match the new ones.
Colour & Finish options 
There are endless colour and finish designs available with kitchen spraying. Many of our past customers have opted for strong, vibrant colours to establish modern trends. Natural lighting can be achieved easily through kitchen spraying. Our services offer the British Standard range, this range offers over 300 popular colours for kitchen spray painting. We also offer the RAL colour chart that has more than 1500 colours. All of our colours are available in a glossy, satin, or matte finish.