Can You Spray Brown UPVC Windows To Grey?

can you spray brown upvc windows to grey

Can you spray brown UPVC windows to grey? If you’re tired of the colour of your UPVC windows, you may want to consider painting them a different colour. Although expensive, this process is much more affordable than replacing them. With a range of cheap and easy-to-use spray paints on the market, you can find the perfect colour for your home.

UPVC paints are becoming more economical

As the UPVC market grows, UPVC paints are becoming increasingly cost-effective. Paints made of UPVC are flexible and able to adhere to plastic surfaces, resulting in improved aesthetics and longer life. Compared to other paint formulations, it is resistant to thermal expansion and contraction and can withstand a range of temperatures. Most professionals apply polyurethane paint to UPVC to enhance its adhesion.

UPVC paints are becoming more economical and are becoming more common in the building industry. The cost-effectiveness of these paints is one of the main reasons why UPVC is an excellent alternative to timber. These paints are available for various purposes, from exteriors to interiors. Unlike timber, it is resistant to weather and requires specialist UPVC paints. To get the best results, we ensure that the paint you can choose is designed for UPVC.

Is a cost-effective alternative to replacing them

If you are unhappy with the colour of your UPVC windows, changing the colour is an excellent cost-effective option. You can achieve the same effect for around fifteen to twenty percent of the cost of replacing the windows. Coloured UPVC windows are also more energy-efficient and can lower your energy bills by 30%. In addition, you can select a colour that suits the style and personality of your home.

Changing the colour of your UPVC windows is an inexpensive option that will give your home a modern look without requiring major repairs. The cost depends on the size of the windows, and on the number of other items you wish to respray. You can even choose to paint the guttering, waste pipes, and soffits to match the colour of your new windows.

If you have brown UPVC windows and want to update them with a modern, contemporary colour, there are many ways to do so. While you can choose to replace the whole window set, a grey paint respray will be significantly cheaper than a complete replacement. Grey paint resprays can be done to the frame of the window, using a minimum of three layers of paint. These paints will create the same effect as replacement doors and windows and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including the exterior and interior.

Painting UPVC windows to grey

One of the advantages of painting UPVC windows grey is that you can choose a colour that compliments your property. The RAL colour chart will give you some examples of colours you can choose, but bespoke colours are also available. To create a unique colour scheme, you can mix different RAL colours. If you are unsure of the colour you want, we can consult to help you find the colour that is right for your home.


UPVC is a great option for updating the look of your home, and it is one of the most inexpensive window materials in the UK. It is easy to clean and looks stylish, which is why many homeowners choose it as a window material. We hope this has answered any questions you had about whether you can spray brown UPVC windows to grey. If you have any questions about UPVC spraying, feel free to contact us through our contact us page. You can also learn more about window spray at our window spraying page. We look forward to hearing from you.