Interior Spray Decorating Services

Spray painting has become a popular choice across the UK. More and more home owners are choosing internal spray decorating over traditional brush painting. 

Interior Spray Decorating is Affordable

Spray painting is a cost-effective option compared to traditional hand painting service. This is mainly because brush and roller painting are labour-intensive techniques.

With spray painting, however, there’s minimal manual work involved. The spraying machine handles most of the work and covers a surface quickly, which means you get a professional painting service that fits your budget.

A spray decorating equipment covers vast areas quickly whilst ensuring consistent quality, thereby allowing us to pass on the savings to our customers.

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    Premium Finish

    One of the main reasons why more customers are choosing internal spray decorating is for the smooth, pristine finish it offers.

    Compared to roller, spray painting device has complete control over the evenness of the coating, ensuring you get a consistent finish across the walls and ceilings. Spray painting creates a superior finish even on non-flat surfaces.

    With spray painting, there are no brush strokes that ruin the look and feel of the décor. What’s more, spray-painted surfaces remain white (non-yellowing) and emit low to no odour.

    Cleaner Job

    Internal spray decorating projects do not result in any mess, fuss or hassle. In fact, these jobs can be completed quickly; depending on the size of your project, a spray painting project can be finished in anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

    High Quality Job

    The specialist paint we use for internal spray decorating is durable and we offer a guarantee against peeling, cracking and fading. A fresh coat of spray paint by our professional painters will not only improve the curb appeal of your property but will also improve its value.

    Talk to Us to Discuss Your Project

    Want to know more about how we can help upgrade your property with spray painting? We are happy to schedule an on-site inspection to discuss your requirements and provide a no-obligation quote. Call us on 0161 706 0917 to get started.


    interior spray decorating services
    interior spray decorating services
    interior spray decorating services
    interior spray decorating services

    Got an exciting project? Great customer service comes with understanding a customer’s needs, so we’d like to find out a little more about you… To talk us through exactly what you need, give us a call on 07494 944319 or 07715 461054 or click on the link below and let us know when you would like to be called.

    What Our Customers Say

    Highly Recommended!

    Lee got in touch and gave a fair price for the work we wanted doing and arranged the date to sort the work out. Everything was completed within 3 days. We are really happy with the work done and would like to hire Lee again in the future. Highly recommended from us!


    Great Service and Great Price!

    Can’t thank Martin nad Lee at Flex enough! We had our house on the market for over 12 months. They came and completely transformed exterior of the house. Now it looks so good we don’t want to sell anymore. Great service at such a reasonable price.

    Mark and Lynn Hamer

    Would Recommend Them to Family & Friends!

    Lee and Martin did our whole house from brown to grey. After having quotes for new windows topping over 10k, we decided to have them sprayed. All completed in 2 days at a fraction of the cost. They even replaced all sealant for matching grey at no extra cost. We called them regarding touch ups and they were here the same day. Great lads and would recommended them to family and friends.

    Elaine - Swinton

    Very Polite Guys, Extremely Clean & Tidy!

    Hired Flex to make my windiws at the front of my house match my new grey front door. Very polite guys, extremely clean and tidy. Amazed that the cost for 3 windows was less then a half of the new door.

    Justine M