Should You Brush Or Spray Kitchen Cabinets?

should you brush or spray kitchen cabinets

Should you brush or spray kitchen cabinets? Many people have asked this question before, and there are several advantages and disadvantages to each. Ultimately though, spray painting is the better option and I will explain why in the following article by drawing a comparison between the two in several areas.


Applying the paint using a brush is the easiest as the bristles allow you to apply a thick layer of the paint, it is also much simpler than using spray equipment as there is little knowledge required. On the other hand, spray painting equipment does require some knowledge to properly use and can be fairly expensive to acquire. It also requires some looking after as most pieces of technology do. But all of this can be circumvented by hiring a professional spray service to complete the job for you.


When using these tools to apply a coat of paint to the surface of whatever you wish to have painted the brush does apply a thicker layer therefore technically using less paint but its coatings can often come out looking uneven, which many people find off-putting and end up disliking. Whereas with a spray gun, while the coat you apply will be thinner it will always be even, so you can easily make up for the thinner coat by applying several without having to worry about sacrificing your finish.


The final comparison I would like to make is that of cost. Whenever people take on projects like this where they are redoing a part of their home, cost is always a big factor in their decisions so I feel like it’s a pretty important comparison to make. When it comes to the brush it is technically cheaper as you need only buy one or two but, as I previously mentioned, it allows for more mistakes to be made like an uneven finish and is less precise. Spray painting can be more expensive but only if you are doing it yourself because you have the buy all the equipment and paint yourself. If you hire a professional spray painter to do it they can deliver an even finish within a couple of hours and charge much less than what it would cost to do the job yourself.

Overall, we believe that, when it comes down to the question of whether you should brush or spray your kitchen cabinets, you should spray and hire a professional to do the job. This way it will be less stressful for you because someone who knows what they’re doing will be completing the job instead and you can expect an even finish which makes all the difference when it comes to aesthetics.