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If you haven’t ever had furniture spray painted before, you may wonder why it’s so popular and how the process works. Furniture respraying is a wonderful opportunity to breathe a fresh lease of life into your old furniture and transform your home interiors.

Here are the top 3 reasons why a furniture respray project is an ideal option:

Save Old Furniture

Do you own old, gorgeous pieces of furniture? Want to restore them to their former glory? A furniture respray project will give them a second lease of life. You won’t have to throw them away. A basic facelift will suffice to transform them.

Furniture respraying is an excellent way to save old pieces that are structurally intact. Over time, furniture might chip and the wood may become dull. A fresh coat of paint will brighten these pieces up instantly. Moreover, the paint will keep the wood protected against further damage.

Upgrade Your Home Cost-Effectively

Why buy new furniture when your existing furniture is in good condition? A furniture respray project is a highly affordable way to renovate your home. A different finish or colour will improve the appearance of your favourite furniture instantly and wonderfully. What’s more, the process ensures your old furniture does not go to waste. You can give a new look to your interiors without putting a huge dent on your budget.

Have Fun

Wood is a wonderful material that looks rustic and beautiful. A fresh coat of paint can transform your old furniture in ways you never imagined. Wood furniture can be coated with paint in every possible shade of colour. You can experiment with colours you never considered before and have fun with your renovation project.


Another huge benefit of furniture respraying is reuse. We all can agree that the furniture these days isn’t made the same way using the same high quality wood as before. So it’s a good idea to restore your old pieces of furniture compared to buying new ones.

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What Our Customers Say

Highly Recommended!

Lee got in touch and gave a fair price for the work we wanted doing and arranged the date to sort the work out. Everything was completed within 3 days. We are really happy with the work done and would like to hire Lee again in the future. Highly recommended from us!


Great Service and Great Price!

Can’t thank Martin nad Lee at Flex enough! We had our house on the market for over 12 months. They came and completely transformed exterior of the house. Now it looks so good we don’t want to sell anymore. Great service at such a reasonable price.

Mark and Lynn Hamer

Would Recommend Them to Family & Friends!

Lee and Martin did our whole house from brown to grey. After having quotes for new windows topping over 10k, we decided to have them sprayed. All completed in 2 days at a fraction of the cost. They even replaced all sealant for matching grey at no extra cost. We called them regarding touch ups and they were here the same day. Great lads and would recommended them to family and friends.

Elaine - Swinton

Very Polite Guys, Extremely Clean & Tidy!

Hired Flex to make my windiws at the front of my house match my new grey front door. Very polite guys, extremely clean and tidy. Amazed that the cost for 3 windows was less then a half of the new door.

Justine M