UPVC Spraying Services

UPVC spraying services are one of the modern ways to change the colour of UPVC. It is an efficient and inexpensive way to change the colour of your UPVC. UPVC spraying services have a long-lasting result that will remain for many years. The benefits of UPVC spraying include:

UPVC Spraying Is A Modern Technique

UPVC spraying is an effective way to restore a home’s exterior and add new life to old UPVC windows and doors. Replacing these old pieces of UPVC can cost several thousand pounds. This modern technique can make the entire process cost as little as £500. It can also be used on other UPVC items, including conservatories, windows, and doors.

Compared to full replacement, UPVC spraying is less messy than replacing old windows or doors. During the spraying process, windows and doors are left in their frames. In addition, the area surrounding them is masked off with polythene sheeting. Sometimes, a door will have to be removed from its frame, and in this case, the frame must be masked off as well. In this way, the spraying process can take place without any overspray.

It Can Increase Property Value

UPVC spraying is an excellent option for businesses that want to improve their appearance. Customers will not visit a business whose windows and doors look bad. This will lead to reduced sales and eroded brand recognition. Many people wonder whether they really need to replace their windows when most are still working perfectly. Although UPVC windows have weathered all types of conditions, spraying them can restore the appearance of old and damaged windows.

Limitless Colour Option

With UPVC respray, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to colours. You can choose any shade on the British Standard colour chart and RAL colour chart.

We offer a customised service wherein we can create a custom colour or offer a 99% colour match to the shade you like. On the other hand, pre-painted UPVC pieces are typically offered in a limited variety of colours. Most designs are offered in no more than 10 colour options.

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What Our Customers Say

Highly Recommended!

Lee got in touch and gave a fair price for the work we wanted doing and arranged the date to sort the work out. Everything was completed within 3 days. We are really happy with the work done and would like to hire Lee again in the future. Highly recommended from us!


Great Service and Great Price!

Can’t thank Martin nad Lee at Flex enough! We had our house on the market for over 12 months. They came and completely transformed exterior of the house. Now it looks so good we don’t want to sell anymore. Great service at such a reasonable price.

Mark and Lynn Hamer

Would Recommend Them to Family & Friends!

Lee and Martin did our whole house from brown to grey. After having quotes for new windows topping over 10k, we decided to have them sprayed. All completed in 2 days at a fraction of the cost. They even replaced all sealant for matching grey at no extra cost. We called them regarding touch ups and they were here the same day. Great lads and would recommended them to family and friends.

Elaine - Swinton

Very Polite Guys, Extremely Clean & Tidy!

Hired Flex to make my windiws at the front of my house match my new grey front door. Very polite guys, extremely clean and tidy. Amazed that the cost for 3 windows was less then a half of the new door.

Justine M

Do Grey Windows And Doors Attract Value And Curb Appeal To Properties ?

Do grey windows and doors increase the value of a property? Yes they do! Doors and windows make a significant contribution to curb appeal, and they have the power to improve the overall appearance of a property. Curb appeal gives potential buyers the first impression of the house, which can help them decide whether to look inside or not. A home’s curb appeal is an important factor in determining whether it sells or stays on the market.

It is important to remember that the outward appearance of a property is crucial in attracting the highest possible price. A visually appealing house is more likely to attract prospective buyers, which in turn leads to a bidding war. UPVC windows and doors are popular for their efficiency, but the bright white colour often detracts from the overall look of a property.

A neutral spray paint job is an excellent opportunity to show off your personality to potential buyers, by choosing unique shades for window frames or accent colours. Grey can be a versatile colour that blends well with many other colours, including natural and masonry materials. When deciding what colour to use for the exterior of your property, take into account the architectural features. Grey has a neutral tone and can be paired with a variety of other colours to create a great look. The colour goes well with any style or size of home. A grey-coloured exterior is considered to be highly desirable and is sure to increase the value of your property.

Before selling your property, you want to ensure interest comes your way. Simply updating the colour of your exterior UPVC assets can do this with ease. For a minimal cost, having your UPVC exterior assets sprayed will not only attract curb appeal but also increase value. On average, UPVC spraying has been shown to increase the value of properties by 5%. We are experts on establishing a modern and professional appeal to your assets, these are strong selling connotations for potential buyers.

When a potential buyer comes to view your property, they will focus on the first thing they see. The quality and age of your windows and doors can have an incredible effect on a potential buyers opinion, this is why we always insist on modernizing them through UPVC spraying before placing your property on the market. Replacing such assets does not need to be considered. With our specially designed solvent based paint we can restore your exterior assets to a prestigious condition. 

Popular Shades Of Grey For UPVC Respraying

There are many different shades of grey available for UPVC Spraying. Grey is one of the most popular colours in the world, and is available in several different shades. It has many uses and is highly versatile, making it an ideal choice for a number of exterior UPVC assets. Grey is a sophisticated neutral that contrasts well with stone, brick and render.

Choosing a shade of grey for your UPVC spraying is more economical than replacing windows or doors. In addition to saving money on replacement windows, you can also prolong the life of your UPVC windows and doors.

Over the years, we have sprayed hundreds of properties with grey spray paint. Our staff have become well educated on which shades our customers tend to gravitate towards.

RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey- Our most popular shade of grey, Anthracite grey UPVC is an elegant, timeless colour that compliments a wide variety of styles. Although this paint colour is commonly used for doors and windows, many homeowners also spray it for a more consistent look. Anthracite grey is a deep shade of grey that appears nearly black.

RAL 7032 Pebble Grey-  Pebble grey is a popular paint colour in the UK and is included in the Grey RAL series. Pebble grey is slightly more tannish than granite grey, but still looks similar. A majority of our past customers have opted for pebble grey after seeing how it helps enhance natural light. Creating a welcoming and attractive curb appeal to the front of their properties. 

RAL 7004 Signal Grey – signal grey creates a light and playful curb appeal to any property. Our past customers have opted for signal grey to incorporate a lighter, satisfying shade to their properties. This colour will blend in with any style of property. It will not clash with other colours on your property, which makes it a popular choice for exterior projects.

RAL 7024 Graphite Grey – Graphite Grey is a versatile neutral spray paint colour that works well in a range of settings. It can be used to make a subtle statement with exterior assets to create a grounding environment through dark tones of grey. It can also be used as an accent colour in a modern or traditional scheme. It can be used to create harmonious colour combinations with other grey shades and bolder hues.

RAL colours are an excellent choice for spraying UPVC. These paints are widely available, our expert team will happily help you find the perfect shade to enhance the overall look of your property. If you’re looking for a customised colour, you can use the RAL range to select the exact shade of grey you need. The RAL range includes over 100 shades of grey, so you’re sure to find a shade that’s perfect for your property.

To learn more about our popular colour choices for UPVC spray painting, follow the link below. No matter the shade you desire, the flex team can spray your exterior and interior UPVC assets with ease. 

Popular Colours

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Anthracite Grey UPVC Windows And Doors

If you are thinking about having the exterior of your property spray painted, a modern grey colour will be a great choice. Despite being a traditional colour, Anthracite Grey is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners. It is an excellent colour for doors and window frames and complements many other colours well. Since 2015, it has grown in popularity and is now a sought-after colour by many homeowners. This is partly due to the colour’s interesting undertones. It is often found sprayed onto UPVC windows, UPVC doors while also appearing on new fridges, cookers, and radiators.

Anthracite grey is a versatile colour for both interior and exterior properties. It complements many natural colour combinations, including red brick and white and grey stone. Moreover, it has the ability to suit a wide variety of different building materials.

Whether you want to add a touch of contemporary elegance to your property or simply create a timeless look, anthracite grey is an excellent choice. Another reason to choose Anthracite Grey for your home is its durability. This solid colour is a great choice for a range of applications, from UPVC windows to composite doors. Unlike other shades, it is highly resistant to fading. If you’re looking for a bold and sophisticated paint colour for your home, anthracite is a great choice. Anthracite doesn’t overwhelm a space unless you go overboard. If you want to create an inviting atmosphere, anthracite might be the right choice for you.

Manufactures of UPVC windows and doors have become very aware of anthracite greys popularity. Unfortunately meaning an increase in price for newly manufactured anthracite grey UPVC windows and doors. Here at Flex we don’t believe this is right, hence why our UPVC spraying is the same price no matter the colour you desire. 

Our specialist team will spray your UPVC exterior elements with our specially designed solvent based spray paints. Once sprayed, your UPVC windows and doors will appear brand new. Applying solvent spray paint guarantees long term durability, meaning you wont have to worry about your exterior UPVC fading or cracking for 10+ years. 

Creating A Welcoming Exterior With UPVC Spraying

If you’re looking to create a warm, welcoming exterior for your home, UPVC spray painting is the answer. UPVC paint comes in thousands of colour options. Choose a colour that complements your existing décor or your brand, or choose one that’s complementary to it.

UPVC spraying creates a unique opportunity to rejuvenate your property at minimal cost. Consider the downtime, costs and fitting to replace UPVC assets when you can have them sprayed for a fraction of the price to replace. 

The benefits of having UPVC windows and doors spray painted include increased value. This benefit is significant for home owners because UPVC spraying is considerably cheaper than replacing them. Not only is the process much faster, it also creates less dust inside and outside. Also, it increases the life expectancy of UPVC. This material is generally weatherproof, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of weather conditions.

As the UPVC market grows, UPVC spray painting is becoming increasingly cost-effective. Paints made of uPVC are flexible and able to adhere to plastic surfaces, resulting in improved aesthetics and longer life. Compared to other paint formulations, UPVC spray painting is resistant to thermal expansion and contraction and can withstand a range of temperatures

UPVC Window spraying 

UPVC window spraying is an efficient way to make your property look brand new with almost no effort. It’s simple and amazingly effective, achieving long-lasting results. Freshly spray painted UPVC windows can also increase the value of your home. Buyers will be attracted to a home that has recently been sprayed. This treatment will keep the windows and doors looking fresh for 10+ years.

UPVC window spraying can be achieved with ease, our specialist team can achieve fantastic long term results without the need to remove the window from its fitting. Once three coats of our specially designed solvent based paints are applied to your windows they will be touch dry within three hours of finishing. 

Solvent based paints ensure long term, durable results with a lifespan of 10+ years. Within a days work, your UPVC windows can go from old and flaky to looking brand new with a long term prestigious finish. 

You should choose a colour that will compliment your home. For instance, if you want your house to look welcoming to visitors, you can select a colour for your windows that matches the surrounding area. UPVC spraying offers a wider range of colours than you can choose yourself.

Compared to replacement windows, UPVC window spray painting is the most affordable option available. This technique requires little or no building work and costs less than seventy percent of the replacement cost. It also extends the lifespan of UPVC.

UPVC Door Spraying

Having your UPVC doors sprayed can provide you with a flawless, professional finish. It’s almost impossible to get a completely smooth finish by hand, and brush marks and ridges will inevitably appear.

UPVC door spraying is available in a wide range of colours, so you can choose one that suits your home best. The good news is that they can be recycled up to ten times, making them environmentally friendly. And because they’re recyclable, you’ll also save money on a new door. Plus, you can choose a new colour for your UPVC doors. This ensures that your investment will last for years to come. This makes UPVC a popular option for spraying.

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to replacement UPVC doors, UPVC spray painting can be a great solution for your project. The new coating will prevent fading caused by UV light and withstands UK weather conditions. Unlike replacing a UPVC front door, UPVC spray painting won’t cause any internal building work.

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Can Damaged UPVC be Sprayed ?

Can damaged UPVC be spray painted ? – Yes, it can! Preparation is more important than paint. You should also know that the paint used by Flex has a 10 year guarantee. The area around your window and door will be professionally masked before spray painting to protect it. 

If your UPVC is cracked, discoloured, our UPVC spray painting service can be a great option, but only if it is properly prepared. Paint will not stick to damaged UPVC if the surface is not properly prepared. 

Before applying any spray paint, our specialist team will access your UPVC assets for any damage. Dominantly the damage we find is minimal and wont have a great effect on creating a long term perfect finish for your assets. If the damage found is of concern, our team will repair it to ensure the paint finish is consistent without flaw.  

All of our workers are advised on all types of dirt and debris to look out for that could cause long-term damage. With the right procedures, any holes, chips, or mould damage found is dealt with in the appropriate and most sustainable way possible.

As well as accessing your UPVC assets, our team will also clean them. Cleaning the surfaces is not just for hygiene but to help make sure our paints stick to your surface and to ensure your guarantee lasts. We’d hate for you to lose out on a long-term investment just because of small debris or mess that could easily be removed with little to no effort. There will be no reason for the paint to lift or flake away if the right protocols are made.

Can Sun Damaged UPVC Be Spray Painted ? 

Sun damaged UPVC can be painted can be spray painted with ease. it’s more than natural for the sun to have a long term affect on exterior UPVC. Fading of colour is natural, there is no need to worry or gain financial concern about replacing sun-damaged UPVC.

UPVC is naturally susceptible to UV light over time, this can cause the colour of the UPVC to change or fade. No matter the colour, the UPVC may also develop a slightly rough texture from long-term UV damage.

Spray painting UPVC with sun damage costs the same price as any of our UPVC spraying services. Our Team will take the same level of preparation and care to achieve fantastic long term results. With years of experience, creating a prestigious finish is easy to achieve on sun damaged UPVC. 

Our team always ensure our customers not to be concerned about potentially having to buy new exterior UPVC assets. Spray painting is less than a fraction of the cost to replace and same price no matter the colour you desire. We can create a long term modernisation to your properties exterior no matter the current condition of your sun damaged UPVC assets.

Can You Change The Colour Of White UPVC Windows ? 

With simply just three coats of our specially designed solvent based spray paint, our dedicated team can change your white UPVC windows to any colour you desire. White UPVC is very common, no matter where you go in the UK you will see them on the sides of houses and businesses. 

For a fraction of the cost to replace, you can have your white UPVC windows sprayed. UPVC Window spraying has become a cost effective solution to home improvement. Dominantly our past customers have opted to have their UPVC windows sprayed instead of replaced. With manufacturing prices going through the roof, its never been easier to rejuvenate your exterior assets with UPVC spray painting. 

Hand painting your white UPVC windows may seem like an attractive, cost effective solution to hiring professionals. Unfortunately this is not the case, hand painting will only cause further problems. Hand painting may be a handy solution but the results will not as impressive as the results of spray painting. Considering this is the exterior of your home, you want the paint finish to be consistent, durable and most importantly long term. Applying brush based paints can cause long term damage, they tend to leave behind obvious, unappealing strokes, and using a roller can also cause problems like flashing or dripping if not done properly.  

Spray painting UPVC, on the other hand, produces better-looking results with less effort and in less time. Without the hassle of brushes or rollers, it is able to give you that perfect factory finish look that you want. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also more cost-effective. 

Once you have chosen your desired colour, our team will apply three coats of spray paint to your windows. Don’t worry, their is minimal downtime with UPVC spraying. Our window spraying services can be completed within one days work, depending on the size and amount of white windows you desire to have spray painted. Your UPVC windows will not have to be removed from their fittings or taken to our warehouse to complete the spraying process. 

With all our exterior work being provided with a ten year guarantee, you can be rest assured your UPVC will be offering a long term rejuvenation and creating the modern house style you desire. Once our spraying is completed, your UPVC assets will be touch dry. With such fantastic immediate results, it can feel like your homes exterior has been changed drastically in the blink of an eye.